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34-40 Hayden Rowe

Hopkinton, MA

48,000 SF Office Building

34 Hayden Rowe Street is located in close proximity to many of the local amenities and services available in Hopkinton, MA. Located a short walk from the town center, the town green and near Hopkinton’s public schools, 34 Hayden Rowe Street provides great access to the community. Originally built in 1860 as a shoe factory, the property has been utilized by a number of companies for a variety of purposes over the years.

Some of these include; F.W Beers & Co. (1875), W.F Claflin Boot Shop (1899), Andrew Fryberg Arms Co. (1904), Hermina Silk Mill (1910), Seaman and Cobbs Co. Thread Mill (1928-1952), General Packets, Inc. (1958-1969). Beginning in 1998 the property was redeveloped by Fred Grant to be a community centric commercial operation. The building is currently a mixed-use commercial building, consisting of 48,150 usable square feet, with a combination of retail, office and industrial users. The building is home to Kidsborough (a before and after-school program for Hopkinton students) and Hayden Rowe Business Center (HRBC), which provides turnkey small office solutions for local residents and businesses.

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